Blog has now shifted to my website

Hi everyone, thank you for coming here. I would like to now say that my blog has shifted to my own personal website. On my site I will now do personal readings and I have galleries of the many photos I have taken. I Am also excited to offer my Enchanted Images for print purchase. These photos hold light codes and activations that continue over a long period of time. I hope you will all enjoy what I have to offer. Thank you for being a part of this. Love and blessings to you all.



Hold on to your hat’s – KaRa

Dear ones, I Am KaRa and it is with love that I greet you on this day.

Some of you, who are not familiar with me are asking, who is KaRa? And what I will say to those of you, is that, I Am part of the Pleiadian Emissary Fleet that has been tasked with watching over the Earth and Her people, that is all I will say for now, but yes I Am a Pleiadian.

So dear ones, are you starting to feel it? Are you starting to see the changes unravel in the outer world? Well get ready because they are about to be stepped up a notch, or ten.

As you would know by now or as I will tell you, the whole “Russian collusion” narrative was scripted to buy time. It was a strategic move by those of the dark and their minions to hold up the great changes that are taking place. Because while Mr Trump was under investigation for “collusion” with Russia, then it was very hard for him and his administration to make certain moves, because, as the Q has said, it was a blockade. It acted as a shield for the dark ones against what they could be held accountable for. I will not go into depth about this, but know, now that their sheild has been fractured and almost dissipated, now things can really get underway.

So hold on to your hat’s dear ones, as things are about to start moving very quickly, in the form of truths coming out and darkness being revealed. We have told you before that you are to be the guiding hand for those just waking up, the shining beacons of hope and love for those hit with a dark truth, and that is what you are to start doing now.

The truth is here dear ones, it is about time to let out that big sigh and say “Finally! This is what we have been holding our breath for” that which you have sought and the truths you know, are to be made public and it is time for those sleeping to have a bucket of water thrown on them. Will they lay there in the wet and continue sleeping? That is their choice and it is not your worry.

What should be your focus, is those that seek you out. You not need seek others to give them the truth, they will come to you as they are guided. For if one does not seek, one will not know. And it is through this seeking of those guides, of those lights in the darkness, you will be found. You are the beacons of this Earth dear ones and your toiling in the muck and mud for the truth is to be greatly rewarded, that you can count on.

So for now, it is important that you get ample rest and treat you body with love and respect, because your energy is soon to be needed for many tasks. But these tasks are not to be arduous, they are to be tasks of love and joy. Helping others, assisting the animals and earth, they are in great need of your assistance dear ones, the garden needs tending to.

So I leave you with these words, rest, revive and be ready. All you have waited for is at your fingertips now beloveds. I Am KaRa and I will be with you in this way again soon, but know I am always with you in spirit, thank you and I love you dear Earth warriors.

Be the currents of Violet Fire and wash away all that is murky – Siriun High Council

Greetings our dear Earth family, we are the Siriun High Council and we greet you with love and compassion for all that you are going through.

We wish to share our point of view today.

We see you as energy, not people in a physical world, although we can also do that. And, as we view you as energy, we can monitor energy and energy pockets. We are able to see where there is darkness, where there is love and light, where there is confusion and sadness or sorrow and pain. We see this as various colours, shifting and changing as your energies change. As most of you know, there are so many colours yet to be seen by the human eye, etheral colours, colours of high vibrations.

So, it is through monitoring the energy of earth and her people, we are able to understand where you are at energetically. At the moment, we see much confusion and anger, sprinkled with pockets of hope and love, but these pockets are to grow exponentially now dear ones.

We see this, to put it in a way you understand, as a murky rain water (fear based emotions) mixing in with a beautiful sky blue sea. Now this murky water can, if you let it, sabotage this beautiful blue sea, unless the currents can quickly transmute it and turn this murky water into the blue sea. And you dear ones, are the currents of the blue sea.

What we mean by this is, do not let those fear based emotions cloud over and run through your love and hope. Be the currents and sweep away the murky water. Be the current of the Violet Flame, sweeping through your area washing away all that is not in alignment with hope, love, compassion and which is not in the highest good for All.

We would like you all now to please call upon the Violet Flame as you go about your day, ask Saint Germain and the Golden Silver Violet Flame Dragons to be with you. Ask them to help you clear away the old, negative emotions that so many are dealing with. See and feel this burning all around you, see yourself as this Violet Flame, burning away all that is not love, light and compassion. See these beautiful dragons of a silver, gold and violet colour flying through, around and below all the places in you area, using their mighty dragon breath to burn and wash away all the negative emotions and thoughts.

Be the Violet Flame dear ones, because it is very much needed at this time of the release.

We would like you to please do this as often as you can or when ever you feel those murky waters swirling around, be the Violet Flame, be the Dragons. For what you intend, you create. We will help you with this by amplifying what you do, so KNOW and TRUST it is working and the effects will be grand dear ones.

We are the Siriun High Council and we leave our Violet Flame warriors for now, we will be back to update on this shortly. For now, let your currents of Violet Fire wash away even the murkiest of waters. We love you dear ones.

It’s what you have called for – Galactic Federation of Light

Hello dearest ones, we are the Galactic Federation, currently stationed in your orbit.

We come to you at this most auspicious time of transformation and transfiguration. We are here to help bring through the energies that are about to be released. We act as magnifying glasses directed towards Earth, helping to amplify and stabalize that which is to come.

You are all going through so many changes and shifts, that you find it hard to keep up with what is occurring. Know that this is only the physical bodies that struggle to keep up, not the other bodies.

And so, we ask you all, to please stay very well hydrated and do the best you can to eat either vegan or vegetarian meals. If you still do eat meat, please halt that process as best possible. Meat is too dense and so this helps to slow your body down and creates a block in being able to ground and anchor these energies. Clean fish, one that is caught fresh is ok, if you must have some sort of meat. But please dear ones, stick to your fresh veggies and this process will be a whole lot easier.

So, here we sit on the cusp of great change. We see many of you disheartened by what is still occurring, you want the darkness gone and peace to prevail, correct? And as Sanat Kumara has just said, that is why you have called upon this wave. That is why you have stood up and said we are not taking this anymore.

And so, prepare yourselves now, for this great wave you have called upon the Earth. Prepare, as it will now reveal, all that is hiding in the shadows. It is going to bring out the nasties dear ones and what we mean by that is, the darkest truth’s are to be revealed. This will come as a blessing to those of you fighting for truth, peace and love, but as a great shock to those still snoozing.

We do not have time for snoozers anymore, Mother Earth does not have the time for snoozers. The alarm clock is about to ring for those ready to hear it. Will they hit the button and go back to sleep? Or will they spring up and then seek out those of you ready to assist? Only the moment will tell dear ones.

So get ready, and we mean it when we say that. You are tired of hearing that, but the time is now. The dawn has arrived. Prepare yourselves for those that are willing to wipe the sleep from their eyes. Welcome to the shift dear ones. Grab your seatbelts.

We are the Galactic Federation and we stand by ready to serve all that ask. We have many, many Federation ships stationed arpund Earth now, as everyone has been put on alert. We love you our fellow Brothers and Sisters, remember, be love in every moment that you are in. Be the light for those that seek it and be the shoulder for those that what to breakdown. Nothing is as it seems dear ones, nothing.

Energy wave incoming – Sanat Kumara

Greetings dear friends, beloved earth children, children from the stars and beyond. I Am Sanat Kumara,
I have not spoke to you through this one before, but it is time I share a message.

Dear ones, do you know the journey that you are all about to embark on? Do you understand, of the energy that is about to sweep across this universe and to the Earth? As this energy is for you dear ones. You have called it upon yourselves. You have stood up and said enough is enough, we want the light to be on this planet, we want the darkness gone. And so, you have conjured this, dear ones. You have called forth the energy of the Mother, the energy of the Father and the energy of Prime Creator to bathe this planet in an energy, of a light that has not been here before.

There has not been an energy wave like this before, that will wash over this planet, cleansing it of darkness. Will this be the event, the grand solar flash, the great changeover? That is still to be decided, it will only be known at that moment of the release. If it is not the full event, know that it’s effects will rival that of the event. Either way, it is to be a grand wave that washes through the solar system and to your Earth.

So, what we ask of you dear ones, is that when you feel this wave coming, and feel it you shall, we ask that you feel the love within it. Some people will feel, an uneasy or uncomfortable sense coming over them, and that is when you know it is approaching. Take it in your stride and know that it is the great wave of love that you have called for, you have created and that you will experience. It is a wave of pure love and light dear ones, honour it as that and that is how you shall experience it.

I leave you now with my peace and love, I Am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you to see this out.

A little bit about Sirius – NaTaMoh the Siriun

Greetings dear ones, I Am NaTaMoh from Sirius. I greet you with the love, light and compassion from our beloved star system.

We are here to share a brief message, as some of you are asking, what is Sirius like and what are the people of Sirius like? So, I will explain briefly, what I can and what you are able to comprehend.

We are a sixth dimensional system. Meaning, we have evolved past the need for a physical body, although we do have a body, it is our light body we spend most of our time in. When we do choose to take on a physical form, or should we say, the form we have evolved from, it is a short and slim body structure, with a beautiful light blue skin, with similair facial features as humans have. We just have smaller noses and tiny ears that function differently to yours. We have large round eyes with pupils.

Our home planet is very colourful and we reside in cities of light, crystalline cities. These cities are somewhat transparent but full of colour and full of light. We do have plants and other animals but they are quite different, yet similair to what you have on Earth. We also have large oceans. We have 3 moons and two suns, that are of a beautiful blue/purple colour, it is through these coloured sun’s that our skin colour came to be.

We are telepathic and travel by either our light ships or light bodies. Our light ships can become physical but are mostly crystalline. We can travel in groups in these ships, as we merge our conciousness and create the ship through thought, everything is created with intention, something you are soon to learn. But for now we leave you with this.

We hope that through this breif description, of our home world and ourselves, you will feel the beauty it holds, just as your world holds beauty in her unique ways, but in a physical sense.

You will one day exist on the Earth, just as we do in Sirius, but for now, know that the grand times of transforming your planet, are about to begin and have already begun behind the scenes.

I am NaTaMoh and I leave you now with my love, blessings and the phrase “see you soon”.

Mortal Kombat – A highly popular, fictional video game, or a dark underlying truth on the planet?

As most people are aware, Mortal Kombat is a very popular video game, first released back in 1992. It is a highly violent game, where two opponents fight against each other, until one is ultimately killed. All the characters in this franchise, are some type of super-human or genetically altered being, some being half human, half robot, while others are completely machine. Either way, all the characters in this are altered and modified beings, designed with skills and attributes to inflict maximum harm against their opponent.

So, what if this were more than just a “fictional video game” and was actually a dark, underlying truth of this planet? A dark, genetically modified and scientifically altered fight show, created to entertain the elites.

I know I may have lost some of you already, but I also know that I have gained some interest. For those of you that are awake and well aware, that cloning and all sorts of dark activities have been going on for centuries, tens of thousands of years even, as this dates back to the times of Atlantis, when the dark forces took over and infiltrated the sciences.

Back in the time of Atlantis, when the dark forces invaded the planet, they began conducting experiments on the people. Some of you may have read of this before, especially in some of Dolores Cannons works. The scientists of that time discovered that they were able to mutate people, that they could start to create a half-human, half-animal beings and even more. As these experiments began to take place, so did the arranged fights between these beings that were created. It became entertainment, a fight arena for genetically modified people and animals, fights to the death. And that, is when Atlantis began to fall.

So, if this happened in the public scene, back in the times of Atlantis, then why would it still not be occurring now? Times have only gotten darker since then, so they would not have stopped their sick experiments, but only moved them out of public view. This is all about exposing the darkness, bringing light to the truth and then ridding and liberating this planet of ALL darkness, once and for all. I hope this post can help contribute to that.

And so, the main reason for writing this post today, is that last night, during my dream state, I was shown that Mortal Kombat is much more than just a fictional creation. It is very much a real thing, that is occurring on this planet. So, you are either going to think I have completely lost the plot, or you are awake and aware enough, to realise, that this may in fact be true.

If you have made it this far in reading, then I am sure you are aware, that we receive messages through our dream state. These can come, mostly, in the form of metaphors that we need to decipher, but my message last night was different. This was a truth being revealed to me in the form of a book, showing me the bottom of the pyramid, right to the top, and so I will break it down as simple as I can, it is up to you whether you take it or leave it.

The first realisation I had, when writing this down as I awoke this morning was, that Mortal Kombat abbreviates to MK as in MK-Ultra/mind control. This would be part of the programming used to turn people into fighting and killing machines, used for underground fights that are shown to the elite of the planet.

So, here we go..

I was shown that the main place of operation, or where the genetic engineering takes place is deep under the CERN facility. I was told that CERN is a portal, but not a good portal, a very dark portal. It also operates as a 3rd dimensional time machine, and that a trades person, had been sent back in time. Where to or when they were sent, I was not shown.

Next, I was shown that there will be a whistle-blower come forward, so if you are that whistle-blower, I am speaking to you. This must be a hard secret to keep and it upsets you deeply to know of these dark truths. But please know, you are well supported and there are many forces of Light behind you, that support you in telling the truth, this must be stopped. You are not alone in this, although you may fear for your life, please know that when you decide to come forward, you will be protected.

I was then shown a room, deep underground, where the bodies and other things are disposed of. There was a non-human being in there with a concrete compacter, so my understanding from this, is that, they are compacted in such a way that they are returned in to the earth or sent via a portal to another location.

Next was the top, the ones in control of this operation. Second in charge, to his sister, was a very dark non-human being, he was shown to me as resembling Baraka off Mortal Kombat, who resembles a very dark being indeed. He was second in charge, with his sister being the main one in control of all of this. I was not shown the sister, but I do know she is the one overseeing all of this.

I was told that a remote viewer would be able to confirm this, so please, if you are a remote viewer or you know of one can you please ask them to check this. I went there briefly last night, and it is not a nice place at all, it is very dark.   

So, if you have made it to the end of this post, then thank you, thank you for taking the time to read it and hopefully comprehend it. I hope this finds its way to the people that know about this and it may inspire them to come forward. You are not alone and do not need to do it alone. Do it for all those being abducted for these purposes and the families of those that never gain clarity or an end to the search for their loved ones. You can help provide that.

Love and Light

Ask for assistance, you don’t need to do it alone – Arcturian Council

Greetings dear friends, we are the Arcturian Council. We wish to share a message of support and encouragement with you today.

We see so many of you currently struggling, with the stage of your journey that is to take you to the final stretch of your ascension process, as an individual. Please know that we speak of the individuals ascension and not planetary ascension, for that still has some work to go. We speak now about personal, soul ascension, as there will be many to ascend before the final push to planetary ascension occurs.

It is those of you that go in the first wave that we speak to now. You are the torch bearers, the way showers and the teachers. As it is, that as you go through your personal ascension in the first wave, then you will act as teachers and assist the next wave, which then assists the third wave and once the third wave is ascended, then the planet will be ascended.

And so, we wish to give you some words of support, as many of you struggle to push past these last few hurdles of your journey. You struggle with letting go of the old and any attachments you have. You see, to cling to things or be attached to a person, place or situation does not serve your journey, it only slows it. But, the thing a lot of you struggle with is, thinking that you must do this on your own, that you must be in charge of this otherwise it will not happen. And dear ones, that is not the case at all, quite the contrary we would say.

We would like you to reach out more, to ask us of the Arcturians, of your many other Star Brothers and Sisters, the Company of Heaven and all the Angels and Archangels that now stand by you ready to assist. There are so many of you, that believe, you must do this on your own and you must be the conquerer of these things, that is not true.

We want you to reach out to us and ask for assistance, because, you must ask and give permission for us to be able to assist you, as much as we wish to, for we do not intrude on your free will beloveds. And what exactly have you done by asking those of us for assistance? You have stepped up and acknowledged that you are ready to move on, you have acknowledged what it is that you seek help with and by doing that you have claimed responsibility for these things, but know that they are not you. Yes, they may be a part of your life and you may have helped create them, but most of these situations, have been created on a false belief system of lack, limitation and structures that are of an illusuroy nature.

So please, we tell you now to stand up and own these things you have created, seek out assistance from those in the higher realms but then also acknowledge that these things are NOT you. You are pure Love dear ones, Divine fractals being expressed in Human and physical form. You chose to experience and create these situations, beliefs and habits so you could then claim responsibility for them and shift and move beyond them.

Ask for assistance, to receive clarity as to why, you have created or been a part of these things, then acknowledge them and begin to move on. Anything that is no longer part of your journey, only seeks to distract and halt your process and movement back to the higher realms. Take responsibility for what you have created, but know that they are not part of you, detach from them completely and release their power over you.

You are so powerful dear ones and with the help from all of us in the higher realms, the things we can all achieve are and will be astounding. But you must ask for assistance and then know within you hearts, you will be assisted in any way, that does not hinder your lessons and your journey.

We are the Arcturian Council and we stand by ready to serve all our fellow brothers and sisters who would but ask.

Let go of seeking confirmation and trust your Heart – Siriun High Council

Greetings dear ones, we are the Siriun High Council and we wish to take but a moment of your Earth time to impart a message to you.

Dear ones, you are about to experience many changes sweep across your beloved Earth, these will come in many forms, but the main one will be in the political sphere as there needs to be a sense of peace and security around the world, because as we know, many of you are feeling very unsettled and uneasy about all that you see happening in the world at the moment, especially in the political arena. All seems very unstable and as if it could go in any direction. We are here to say that the only thing that is to prevail is a peaceful planet and a harmonious life.

If you are feeling uneasy about all that is occurring, we ask, can you please switch off. Switch off from your social media, your news and even for the meantime, your alternative news sources. This is not to say, that you should not listen to or believe the alternative media, but what we wish to share, is that many of you seek constant updates of what is occurring, you seek to find some sort of confirmation about these changes and what is happening around the planet. In doing this, do you see what is happening to your own awareness? You are not accepting that these changes ARE occurring. For if you still seek confirmation, in the outer world, of these changes, does it not mean you have no trust in your inner knowing?

Instead, we ask, that you please put down your devices, put down your tablets and news papers and just BE, BE in the moment you are currently in and place all your awareness in that exact moment, nowhere else. For focusing on these other situations and seeking some sort of confirmation, is only serving to take you out of the moment and away from your inner knowing. Most of you that read this message and others, are well aware, that in fact these changes ARE happening.

So why seek confirmation?

Let go of needing to know dear ones, let go of needing to find some sort of proof of these changes, for when the changes that you are anticipating occur, you will indeed know, you certainly will not miss out. So please take the time to find solitude and silence, away from all these distractions. The changes you seek ARE occurring and the quicker you let go of looking for these changes, the quicker they will occur, because then what you have done is accepted in your hearts that they ARE occurring and you then allow for the process to quicken, for you know the changes ARE here.

So, we wish to finish in saying, let go of all these methods of seeking confirmation and just TRUST that all is as it should be and ALL is occurring in Divine Time, to the Divine Plan. We are certain of this and now it is time for YOU to be certain in this.

We are the Siriun High Council and we greatly anticipate all that is to occur, for Mother Earth and Her beloved inhabitants.

You Are The Change Makers – KaRa

Greetings dear Earth children, I Am KaRa and I greet you today as we lovingly watch over you and the changes that are now starting to spread across your beloved Earth.

Yes, dear ones, it is indeed time for change, it is time to herald in a new dawn, a new way of being and doing. As the changes come about also know that your own Being, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are undergoing great change and metamorphosis. As most of you know, you are changing from a carbon-based structure to a crystalline structure, a light body. You have always carried with you your light body, but this has been somewhat outside of you, more so a casing or shell around your physical body. The process of metamorphosis you are and have been undergoing is helping you to integrate this light body into your physical body. It is about transmuting and changing your physical body from a dense structure to a light filled and light-based structure. It is through this transmutation that you will be able to more easily connect with us of the Pleiades and your many other Star Brothers and Sisters that are here supporting you.

The time for change is now dear ones, it is a changing of all that has been to a brand-new society based on Universal Law and not the old, outdated 3D system of rules and regulations that serve to keep you encased and restricted in what appears to be a limited form. But dear ones, you are anything but limited, you are an aspect of All That Is and so this means you can also access All That Is, you can traverse the many star systems, galaxies and dimensions if you can only just remember and remember you shall.

This year is to bring back many of these memories, memories of the lives that you have had that are being integrated now for your highest good, memories of those you left when you put your hand up to come here and be a part of this grand experiment and a shift of impeccable magnitude. These memories and the many skills you have mastered are now starting to trickle back in to your awareness, into your conscious BEing. That is why you are also here, to bring your many unique skills and services you have honed over your vast journeys and experiences. For you are the change makers dear ones, you are the bringers of the new, shattering old systems and structures to herald in a new dawn. You have done this many times before dear ones and you will remember those times if that memory is to serve you. You do not need to try and remember these things for that cannot happen, if you are meant to remember a past life or a unique skill you carry it shall be. So, do not be focused upon trying to remember, just be in the moment and know that all is as it should be and that any of these memories will return to you at the perfect Divine Time.

I Am KaRa and I am with many of you now as we prepare you for your first remembrances of our visits, for it is not the first time you will be seeing us and your beloved families. You have been doing this for a long time, but it has not yet been appropriate for most of you to remember, but remember you shall, and these things are all about to occur. So do not get down on life and think things are moving too slowly or that these changes are never going to occur, instead know that all is well, that the best times on Earth are ahead of you and have already occurred. I leave you with my love peace and blessings dear ones, you are cherished Souls all about to embark on the next stages of your earth journey. I love you.