Hold on to your hat’s – KaRa

Dear ones, I Am KaRa and it is with love that I greet you on this day.

Some of you, who are not familiar with me are asking, who is KaRa? And what I will say to those of you, is that, I Am part of the Pleiadian Emissary Fleet that has been tasked with watching over the Earth and Her people, that is all I will say for now, but yes I Am a Pleiadian.

So dear ones, are you starting to feel it? Are you starting to see the changes unravel in the outer world? Well get ready because they are about to be stepped up a notch, or ten.

As you would know by now or as I will tell you, the whole “Russian collusion” narrative was scripted to buy time. It was a strategic move by those of the dark and their minions to hold up the great changes that are taking place. Because while Mr Trump was under investigation for “collusion” with Russia, then it was very hard for him and his administration to make certain moves, because, as the Q has said, it was a blockade. It acted as a shield for the dark ones against what they could be held accountable for. I will not go into depth about this, but know, now that their sheild has been fractured and almost dissipated, now things can really get underway.

So hold on to your hat’s dear ones, as things are about to start moving very quickly, in the form of truths coming out and darkness being revealed. We have told you before that you are to be the guiding hand for those just waking up, the shining beacons of hope and love for those hit with a dark truth, and that is what you are to start doing now.

The truth is here dear ones, it is about time to let out that big sigh and say “Finally! This is what we have been holding our breath for” that which you have sought and the truths you know, are to be made public and it is time for those sleeping to have a bucket of water thrown on them. Will they lay there in the wet and continue sleeping? That is their choice and it is not your worry.

What should be your focus, is those that seek you out. You not need seek others to give them the truth, they will come to you as they are guided. For if one does not seek, one will not know. And it is through this seeking of those guides, of those lights in the darkness, you will be found. You are the beacons of this Earth dear ones and your toiling in the muck and mud for the truth is to be greatly rewarded, that you can count on.

So for now, it is important that you get ample rest and treat you body with love and respect, because your energy is soon to be needed for many tasks. But these tasks are not to be arduous, they are to be tasks of love and joy. Helping others, assisting the animals and earth, they are in great need of your assistance dear ones, the garden needs tending to.

So I leave you with these words, rest, revive and be ready. All you have waited for is at your fingertips now beloveds. I Am KaRa and I will be with you in this way again soon, but know I am always with you in spirit, thank you and I love you dear Earth warriors.


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