Mortal Kombat – A highly popular, fictional video game, or a dark underlying truth on the planet?

As most people are aware, Mortal Kombat is a very popular video game, first released back in 1992. It is a highly violent game, where two opponents fight against each other, until one is ultimately killed. All the characters in this franchise, are some type of super-human or genetically altered being, some being half human, half robot, while others are completely machine. Either way, all the characters in this are altered and modified beings, designed with skills and attributes to inflict maximum harm against their opponent.

So, what if this were more than just a “fictional video game” and was actually a dark, underlying truth of this planet? A dark, genetically modified and scientifically altered fight show, created to entertain the elites.

I know I may have lost some of you already, but I also know that I have gained some interest. For those of you that are awake and well aware, that cloning and all sorts of dark activities have been going on for centuries, tens of thousands of years even, as this dates back to the times of Atlantis, when the dark forces took over and infiltrated the sciences.

Back in the time of Atlantis, when the dark forces invaded the planet, they began conducting experiments on the people. Some of you may have read of this before, especially in some of Dolores Cannons works. The scientists of that time discovered that they were able to mutate people, that they could start to create a half-human, half-animal beings and even more. As these experiments began to take place, so did the arranged fights between these beings that were created. It became entertainment, a fight arena for genetically modified people and animals, fights to the death. And that, is when Atlantis began to fall.

So, if this happened in the public scene, back in the times of Atlantis, then why would it still not be occurring now? Times have only gotten darker since then, so they would not have stopped their sick experiments, but only moved them out of public view. This is all about exposing the darkness, bringing light to the truth and then ridding and liberating this planet of ALL darkness, once and for all. I hope this post can help contribute to that.

And so, the main reason for writing this post today, is that last night, during my dream state, I was shown that Mortal Kombat is much more than just a fictional creation. It is very much a real thing, that is occurring on this planet. So, you are either going to think I have completely lost the plot, or you are awake and aware enough, to realise, that this may in fact be true.

If you have made it this far in reading, then I am sure you are aware, that we receive messages through our dream state. These can come, mostly, in the form of metaphors that we need to decipher, but my message last night was different. This was a truth being revealed to me in the form of a book, showing me the bottom of the pyramid, right to the top, and so I will break it down as simple as I can, it is up to you whether you take it or leave it.

The first realisation I had, when writing this down as I awoke this morning was, that Mortal Kombat abbreviates to MK as in MK-Ultra/mind control. This would be part of the programming used to turn people into fighting and killing machines, used for underground fights that are shown to the elite of the planet.

So, here we go..

I was shown that the main place of operation, or where the genetic engineering takes place is deep under the CERN facility. I was told that CERN is a portal, but not a good portal, a very dark portal. It also operates as a 3rd dimensional time machine, and that a trades person, had been sent back in time. Where to or when they were sent, I was not shown.

Next, I was shown that there will be a whistle-blower come forward, so if you are that whistle-blower, I am speaking to you. This must be a hard secret to keep and it upsets you deeply to know of these dark truths. But please know, you are well supported and there are many forces of Light behind you, that support you in telling the truth, this must be stopped. You are not alone in this, although you may fear for your life, please know that when you decide to come forward, you will be protected.

I was then shown a room, deep underground, where the bodies and other things are disposed of. There was a non-human being in there with a concrete compacter, so my understanding from this, is that, they are compacted in such a way that they are returned in to the earth or sent via a portal to another location.

Next was the top, the ones in control of this operation. Second in charge, to his sister, was a very dark non-human being, he was shown to me as resembling Baraka off Mortal Kombat, who resembles a very dark being indeed. He was second in charge, with his sister being the main one in control of all of this. I was not shown the sister, but I do know she is the one overseeing all of this.

I was told that a remote viewer would be able to confirm this, so please, if you are a remote viewer or you know of one can you please ask them to check this. I went there briefly last night, and it is not a nice place at all, it is very dark.   

So, if you have made it to the end of this post, then thank you, thank you for taking the time to read it and hopefully comprehend it. I hope this finds its way to the people that know about this and it may inspire them to come forward. You are not alone and do not need to do it alone. Do it for all those being abducted for these purposes and the families of those that never gain clarity or an end to the search for their loved ones. You can help provide that.

Love and Light


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