Energy wave incoming – Sanat Kumara

Greetings dear friends, beloved earth children, children from the stars and beyond. I Am Sanat Kumara,
I have not spoke to you through this one before, but it is time I share a message.

Dear ones, do you know the journey that you are all about to embark on? Do you understand, of the energy that is about to sweep across this universe and to the Earth? As this energy is for you dear ones. You have called it upon yourselves. You have stood up and said enough is enough, we want the light to be on this planet, we want the darkness gone. And so, you have conjured this, dear ones. You have called forth the energy of the Mother, the energy of the Father and the energy of Prime Creator to bathe this planet in an energy, of a light that has not been here before.

There has not been an energy wave like this before, that will wash over this planet, cleansing it of darkness. Will this be the event, the grand solar flash, the great changeover? That is still to be decided, it will only be known at that moment of the release. If it is not the full event, know that it’s effects will rival that of the event. Either way, it is to be a grand wave that washes through the solar system and to your Earth.

So, what we ask of you dear ones, is that when you feel this wave coming, and feel it you shall, we ask that you feel the love within it. Some people will feel, an uneasy or uncomfortable sense coming over them, and that is when you know it is approaching. Take it in your stride and know that it is the great wave of love that you have called for, you have created and that you will experience. It is a wave of pure love and light dear ones, honour it as that and that is how you shall experience it.

I leave you now with my peace and love, I Am Sanat Kumara and I am here with you to see this out.


3 thoughts on “Energy wave incoming – Sanat Kumara

    1. Thanks mate, I’ll check it out over the weekend when I have some time. Your comment about remote viewing Skippy grabbed my attention lol You might be interested in my Mortal Kombat post. Talk soon brother


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