Let go of seeking confirmation and trust your Heart – Siriun High Council

Greetings dear ones, we are the Siriun High Council and we wish to take but a moment of your Earth time to impart a message to you.

Dear ones, you are about to experience many changes sweep across your beloved Earth, these will come in many forms, but the main one will be in the political sphere as there needs to be a sense of peace and security around the world, because as we know, many of you are feeling very unsettled and uneasy about all that you see happening in the world at the moment, especially in the political arena. All seems very unstable and as if it could go in any direction. We are here to say that the only thing that is to prevail is a peaceful planet and a harmonious life.

If you are feeling uneasy about all that is occurring, we ask, can you please switch off. Switch off from your social media, your news and even for the meantime, your alternative news sources. This is not to say, that you should not listen to or believe the alternative media, but what we wish to share, is that many of you seek constant updates of what is occurring, you seek to find some sort of confirmation about these changes and what is happening around the planet. In doing this, do you see what is happening to your own awareness? You are not accepting that these changes ARE occurring. For if you still seek confirmation, in the outer world, of these changes, does it not mean you have no trust in your inner knowing?

Instead, we ask, that you please put down your devices, put down your tablets and news papers and just BE, BE in the moment you are currently in and place all your awareness in that exact moment, nowhere else. For focusing on these other situations and seeking some sort of confirmation, is only serving to take you out of the moment and away from your inner knowing. Most of you that read this message and others, are well aware, that in fact these changes ARE happening.

So why seek confirmation?

Let go of needing to know dear ones, let go of needing to find some sort of proof of these changes, for when the changes that you are anticipating occur, you will indeed know, you certainly will not miss out. So please take the time to find solitude and silence, away from all these distractions. The changes you seek ARE occurring and the quicker you let go of looking for these changes, the quicker they will occur, because then what you have done is accepted in your hearts that they ARE occurring and you then allow for the process to quicken, for you know the changes ARE here.

So, we wish to finish in saying, let go of all these methods of seeking confirmation and just TRUST that all is as it should be and ALL is occurring in Divine Time, to the Divine Plan. We are certain of this and now it is time for YOU to be certain in this.

We are the Siriun High Council and we greatly anticipate all that is to occur, for Mother Earth and Her beloved inhabitants.


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