It’s what you have called for – Galactic Federation of Light

Hello dearest ones, we are the Galactic Federation, currently stationed in your orbit.

We come to you at this most auspicious time of transformation and transfiguration. We are here to help bring through the energies that are about to be released. We act as magnifying glasses directed towards Earth, helping to amplify and stabalize that which is to come.

You are all going through so many changes and shifts, that you find it hard to keep up with what is occurring. Know that this is only the physical bodies that struggle to keep up, not the other bodies.

And so, we ask you all, to please stay very well hydrated and do the best you can to eat either vegan or vegetarian meals. If you still do eat meat, please halt that process as best possible. Meat is too dense and so this helps to slow your body down and creates a block in being able to ground and anchor these energies. Clean fish, one that is caught fresh is ok, if you must have some sort of meat. But please dear ones, stick to your fresh veggies and this process will be a whole lot easier.

So, here we sit on the cusp of great change. We see many of you disheartened by what is still occurring, you want the darkness gone and peace to prevail, correct? And as Sanat Kumara has just said, that is why you have called upon this wave. That is why you have stood up and said we are not taking this anymore.

And so, prepare yourselves now, for this great wave you have called upon the Earth. Prepare, as it will now reveal, all that is hiding in the shadows. It is going to bring out the nasties dear ones and what we mean by that is, the darkest truth’s are to be revealed. This will come as a blessing to those of you fighting for truth, peace and love, but as a great shock to those still snoozing.

We do not have time for snoozers anymore, Mother Earth does not have the time for snoozers. The alarm clock is about to ring for those ready to hear it. Will they hit the button and go back to sleep? Or will they spring up and then seek out those of you ready to assist? Only the moment will tell dear ones.

So get ready, and we mean it when we say that. You are tired of hearing that, but the time is now. The dawn has arrived. Prepare yourselves for those that are willing to wipe the sleep from their eyes. Welcome to the shift dear ones. Grab your seatbelts.

We are the Galactic Federation and we stand by ready to serve all that ask. We have many, many Federation ships stationed arpund Earth now, as everyone has been put on alert. We love you our fellow Brothers and Sisters, remember, be love in every moment that you are in. Be the light for those that seek it and be the shoulder for those that what to breakdown. Nothing is as it seems dear ones, nothing.


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