Be wary of what you focus on, focus on love and inner peace – Commander Ashtar

Dear beloved family of light, I Am Ashtar and I greet you as I watch over you all.

I, or shall I say We, sit up above on our ships that take on many shapes, colours and sizes and we applaud you. You have been the shining lights upon Gaia for so long now, even if you haven’t felt as if your light has been shinging bright, trust me it has and it only grows brighter.

As you embark on the year ahead know that there will be many upheavals across the planet. This will come in the form of natural events, political, financial and even in your schooling and education systems. And I do not say this to create fear dear ones, quite the contrary, as these upheavals are a major part in your evolution and growth. Because dear ones, you need to know and understand that all these systems are not based on love, they are not made upon the heart based interactions you are heading in to. This is an old ancient system of slavery and manipulation and it is time for it to all come crashing down.

It has been decreed by Mother/Father God and Prime Creator that this system is to be no more. Done, kaput as you say! So in the coming year as the energies being sent forth from Creator intensify and the Mothers Tsunami grows in size, know that these energies are what will help wash away the old, the old system of patriarchy and control, it will herald in a new way of BEing, a new way of living and a new outlook on how reality really is.

It is unconditional love dear ones, it is being of service to one another, not service to self as you have been tricked into believing. So in the coming months there will be waves of energy that will be sent forth and each wave will be gradually stepped up in strength. As you acclimate to one, another will be sent and so on until all is ready for the change over, the Great Change Over that it is now known as and that has been spoken of throughout the ages.

You see, when this experiment first started, when it was decided to create a seemingly separate, individual form to see what it felt like to be separate from All That Is, this day also was already being planned. But it was up to those of you within the experiment, within the density of the physical plane, to decide whether or not this day would come. Would you see a day where all changed for the better or would you see a day where all was lost to the darkness, to the separation and war of egos? What do you think the outcome chosen is? Of course, the great changeover, from dark to light as you say. That day fast approaches now dear ones.

As these coming waves of energy cause upheaval to all that was, know that on the other side of this is a bright future, the most grand of times is yet to come dear ones. So as Archangel Michael has said, this will only be a time of turmoil for you if you let it be. You must now be very wary of where you focus your atyention as you do not want to become part of this turmoil. This is only going to be part of your reality if you are resisting change and clinging to the old ways of being and doing. Can I see a raise of hands from the Lightworkers as to who wishes to cling to the old ways? No hands raised? As I expected (wink).

So I leave you now with these words, to be wary and watchful of your focus. Stay in love, stay in the moment, be at peace within yourself and know that all is being orchestrated from a Divine perspective and only the best interests are intended.

I Am Ashtar and we grow ever closer to you, as each day goes by we get closer and closer until the time comes where we will be standing there beside you in a more physical way. This time is now approaching. I love you dearly and I Am always a whisper away.


Be the eye of the storm – Siriun High Council

Greetings dear ones, We are the Siriun High Council and we wish to share a message with you today.

You have all been so patient during these times of upheavel and change over. It has not be easy for you to be so idle and still during the chaos that unfolds around you, but that is why you are here, to be the eye of the storm. The calmness that reflects out to the world displays your inner stillness that you achieve each day. Each day, as you make the choice to come from a place of non-reaction to the situations that are unfolding around you, your light grows. It brightens as you smile at the ignorant person in the shopping line, it grows as you smile to that person who flipped you off in traffic and it stretches far and wide as you politely wave to someone who is having a bad day. See children, as you do all these little things, well they are not little at all but they may seem so to you at the time, each time you do an act of kindness and don’t react in a negative way to something that is happening in your outer world your light shines, grows and then others notice this and they take note. Not all will notice but those who are ready to open their hearts will. They might see you give a polite smile to someone who was rude to you in the street and they will think “wow that person seemed very happy even though that other person was rude and ignorant to them” and they will take this within their heart and it will help them to find and add to their own light.

See children, it is these small things that make the world a better place day by day. Yes, you want no more war and conflict, no more famine and homeless, but you must understand it all comes from within. These changes you want to see start within. It is the collective consciousness that is currently projecting the unrest on to the planet as people realise they are not happy with how the way things are. It is peoples inner worlds that are in chaos and turmoil that create that in the outer world. Yes, we will say that some of it is man or entity made, that is true, but most of it comes from the collective and the inner workings of those on your planet. And when you look hard enough you will see that even those that do bad to others or those that want the planet for themselves, there is a reflection of your inner world in them also.

Your inner world creates the outer dear ones, so you must start to live your life by this motto. Be at peace within yourself to create peace in the outer world, feed your Soul and nourish your body with a good healthy lifestyle to create that for those around you and step by step as you go about shifting your inner world you will see your outer world reflect this. As Archangel Michael has said through this one before when he spoke of the same topic, it does not mean that you must let people walk all over you or abuse your kindness, no that is not the way, but it is in your everyday situatiouns that you need to be in a place of stillness, of peace. Be in this place wherever you go, take it with you and wear it as your shield against anything negative.

As you learn to come from a place of non-reaction you will become immune to anything negative because it will simply not be able to affect you. It is when you react to something in a negative or unpleasant way that you give that situation, person or whatever it may be, you give them power over you and open your energetic fields up to them and then you have created an opening for all sorts of energies to invade your space. Know dear ones that Sirius was once like this, that we learnt the same lessons you are learning but on a much easier scale. You have undertaken one of the most dense experiments yet and you are flying through it with your lights shining bright. Yes, your journey has been filled with ups and downs but know that this was all part of your choice and nothing has gone unplanned.

We commend your efforts and your diligence to bring this beautiful blue green orb to Her fullest potential and you are doing just that! Stay strong comrades as you are now at the light in the end of what has seemed a very long tunnel. You are about to burst forth into that light and it will be glorious and the reunions so magical that you will find it hard to grasp the time you have been doing your work. You are our light warriors, workers and wonders. You have come from far and wide to be here and you are about to remember just where you have came from and who you are.

Be in joy dear ones, be in love, you are at your destination. We are the Siriun High Council and we will be delivering more of these light filled messages in the very near future. We are always standing by ready to serve and assist so please call upon our squadrons and ask when you are in need of help. We love you dearly, bravo children, bravo. 

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Your hard work is celebrated across the Universe – Mary Magdalene

Greetings Dear Hearts and Children of the Light, I Am Mary Magdalene. I would like to follow on a little from a message that Sananda brought through another. And that is about the beautiful work you all chipped in for and lent your hearts and your bodies to yesterday, as you brought and anchored a great deal of light into and onto the planet. Know that as well as anchoring it on the beloved Earth you also helped to anchor in throughout the Galaxy and Universe. Your work has had an extraordinary impact on healing Gaias and your collective wounds. We commend you Dear Hearts and we celebrate your hard work and efforts.

Although this did not come without some interference from the dark ones and this one personally knows this, as his friend who was attending their meet-up had her GPS changed to a different location three times while she was trying to make her way to the meeting spot. So please know that if you experienced any interference or mishaps that you’re not alone and that they were, for the majority of you, intentionally done. They do not want the light anchored on this planet dear ones and they especially do not want you all focusing on bringing the love and light at the same time. But know that their shenanigans can’t go on much longer and they will soon all be taken care of.

Yes you are right to think that the arrests have started and the military tribunals also, this will only start to be made known as various things are leaked and the public is able to be made aware of these events.

So in saying all this beloveds, continue to do your work, continue with the healing of yourself and of the planet or even just the area you live in. As this one always thinks, if each person could just pick up some rubbish when they walked past it then you could have all the litter cleaned up in no time, so please try to do that as you go about your day. It is the intention and then the action that creates a ripple effect. It only takes another to see you do this and then they may be triggered to do the same and so on and so on.

So be love dear ones, care for others and yourself and be in love with everything life has to offer! You are only love, so walk through your day as this truth resides within you. You will soon see the miracles you are hoping for but you must hold the vision and never let it subside. Hold the vision dear ones and put your love and light into that which you wish to create, for the betterment of all.

I Am Mary Magdalene and I leave you with my love light and rose kisses.

Be all that you came here to be! – Mother Earth

Dear beloved children, I Am Mother Earth and I wish to share a message with you today.

Children, as the days ahead may appear to grow somewhat chaotic, remember to please stay grounded. It may seem as all is lost, but please know that it is quite the opposite. As the chaos continues, know that it is a stirring of the old energies that are being brought up and brought to light so that you, the Light Workers and Warriors can transmute it. That is why you are known as Light Workers, because you know how to work the Light in such a way that it simply dissolves and transmutes that which once was.

It is not those times any more children, it is not time to suffer or worry, it is a time of great celebration and joy! Be in joy dear ones as you, the ones on the front line of this great change over, of this liberation of Self and Myself, know that this chaos is just the playing out of the old, the change over of the old guard that you like to say now.

So as you go about the times ahead, know that the future you want is already here, the planet you want to see and thrive on is here, I Am here children in all my glory and you are here in all your glory, walk, talk and act like it. It is from a place of unconditional love, not a place of egoic glory, but a glory that is of the purest love and light! Because that is what we are dear ones, we are ONLY love, you are ALL love, we are ALL love, so walk with your heads high and hearts open and love all that you come into contact with.

I love you so much my sweet children, your efforts and hard work will be written into the history books of the Earth, of my Earth, of your Earth. Claim your right to be love, claim your right to be sovereign and most of all claim your right to be all that you came to be!

I ever so look forward to the days ahead children where we can openly commune with one another. Where anyone can go for a walk in nature and talk to the elementals, the trees or any animals you come across. These times are coming children and they are not far off at all now. You can bring this about quicker by doing these things, by talking with the trees or animals, swimming with the whales or dolphins knowing they are sentient BEings just like yourself. We are all here to support you and it is time for the next step of our journey.

I Am Mother Earth and I say this with tears in my eyes as we approach a new dawn. I love you dearly.

A new dawn is at your fingertips, reach out, grab it and pull it into your life – The Siriuns

Greetings beloved children of God, children of One. We are the Siriun collective and we would like to share a message today.

As you step into this new year do so with open arms for all those doing it tough. Have compassion where ever you go, see no difference between yourself and others. As our beloved Mother Mary has said through this one, you are all the same on the inside, you all originate from the same Source, from the same place of creation. You have only taken on seemingly different appearances so that you can work through the process of being separate individuals to coming back to that which you have always been, who you always are, and that is love dear ones.

What you see in your outer world is a reflection of your inner world, so the more you process and heal that which is within you the more you process and heal the world. Could you imagine if the majority of the population were to do this, if you had the majority of the populace all doing the inner transformative work? Dear ones, you could alter the state of your planet in months. But sadly this is not the case at the present time. That is why those of you that read these messages and others like it are doing the heavy lifting. You are not only processing for yourself but also for your fellow Brothers and Sisters and dear Gaia. You are doing the inner work for yourself and the collective. This is why a lot of you feel as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders at times and that is because in truth you do. But you do not need to do this all by yourself, certainly not. You have a myriad of Angels, Guides, Star Family, Masters, Dragon’s and so many others right beside you, ready and willing to help you with the heavy lifting. You are not in this alone dear ones, you never have been.

You have been tricked in to thinking that you are alone, that there is no such thing as Spirit or Dragons and Angels, that ETs are fake or evil, this has been all part of their plan, their selfish plan. This plan is about to crumble dear ones, so please know in your heart that the most glorious times on Earth are infront of you.

Think of a continent like Lemuria and how that was, but then imagine that to encompass the whole planet, how does that feel? How does it look? Reach out and touch it, touch the pristine forrests, walk with the animals who are all living in harmony, swim with the whales who no longer need to worry about pollution and plastic surrounding them.

This is what it will be beloved Earth children, this is what you are creating and it is already here, it is here dear ones, but you must bring it in to the physical, you must fully anchor it into the earth plane. You do this by holding the vision and intention. Like we said earlier, could you imagine if the majority held this vision, held this truth? It would become almost instantly manifest. But for now it is up to those of you awake and aware to hold this vision. Hold it in your High Heart, hold it in your Heart/Mind. Call upon all your helpers to hold this vision with you, ask them to help assist you in bringing it into the physical. It will happen dear ones, it has happened energetically and it is now time to create it physically.

A new dawn is at your fingertips dear ones, reach out and grab it and pull it into your life. You all want this reality so create it! Don’t doubt, don’t let what’s on the news make you question all this. Your heart has the truth, follow it, listen to it and be it! Be love, be joy, be ALL that you came here to be!

We are your Siriun Family and we will connect more frequently with you now, it is time dear ones. Bring your vision to manifest.
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Thank you for understanding. Love and Light. Zane.

Are you excited to watch the truth unfold? – Saint Germain

Greetings dear Earth Children, I Am Saint Germain and I greet you on the wings of the Violet Flame.

Know dear ones that all is not as it seems, there is much occurring behind the scenes that will soon be brought to light, be brought into the open for all who wish to acknowledge it and accept it as truth. As you who read these messages are well aware, there is much occurring on the Earth plane now that is to forever alter this realm.

Know dear hearts that we are well in control and the seeming mishaps that appear in your MSM are nothing but last thrashes of a beast that is no more. They seek to keep you misinformed, they seek to keep the wool over your eyes as you like to say. This is how they have maintained control, but that is no longer to be the tale.

As you step forth into your new year know that you are about to witness many beautiful changes, changes that I know personally a lot of you had hoped to see last year. This is due to the dark ones and their minions that love to delay and obstruct the light. Know, deep within your heart, that the time for delay is fast coming to an end. You are to witness a historic announcement in the months ahead and you are to witness miracles unfold around you as truth is brought to light. But know that these truths will not be easy for some to swallow and that is where you, the ones who have been seeking truth for many years, that is where your hard work is to come into play.

You are the way showers, the ones on the front line, digging through the dross and despair to find the truth hidden under all the camouflage the dark ones had put over it. But you have always known there is more than what your MSM and mainstream science gives you, you are aware these are constructs of those who seek to control. Know that you have allies on the inside, they have all been strategically placed so that when the time is right and safe to do so they will step forth with truth’s that will shock the majority in to a state of awareness that has not been experienced since the fall of Atlantis.

It is time for the masses to awaken from their slumber dear ones and you will all be standing by ready to assist them and transmute their fear and shock with my Violet Flame. Know that you have the Company of Heaven and all of your Galactic and Agarthan family standing right beside you. You have more help than you could poke a stick at. We have always been with you and you are about to come to a deeper understanding of that truth, of that reality. I Am Saint Germain and I Am ever so excited to watch the coming days unfold. I love you all, may you carry the Violet Flame with you along the path you travel.
PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. These messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.
Thank you for understanding. Love and Light Zane

Be Love, because that is what you are – Mother Sekhmet

Hello Light Bearers and Light Warriors, bringers of the New, shatterers of the old, I Am Mother Sehkmet and I Am honored to speak today.

I would like to bring forth a message of clarity, as a lot of you are struggling to see what it is you are actually doing or what it is you are to do. And what I have to say dear ones is, you just need to be love for love is all there is! Be in love, be in love with yourself and others. It is not about worrying what you are to do or what your mission is. That will come loud and clear when it is time.

All you need to do for the time being is stay grounded and let the energies flow through you like a cool breeze flows through the forest. Be the trees that are grounded and sturdy in their stance as the breeze blows by because as you know there is soon to be a gust that will stir up that which is no longer in alignment with your journey and that breeze is about to blow.

My main message for you is to just be YOU, be the truth of your being and that truth is love. Be love in every moment whether it seems right or wrong, as rights and wrongs are part of the separation and duality game which is fast coming to a close.

You are all tired, so please take time over the festive season to ground and get out in nature, they are your best options to stay connected to Mother Earth when the gusts pick up.

You are all embarking on the next phase of your journey and they will begin in due time, and that time is due. Be the love as Yeshua said, be the light because when it comes down to it, that is all there is.

I Am only a call away, so if you need my mighty lioness energy to get you through these times please call upon me. I Am your Mother Sekhmet and we wait in the wings of light as we watch you all step forth to be who you came here to be and that is an embodiment of Christ. You are all Christ and you all carry these codes. So activate them by staring at all and any situation from a place of love and Light. I love and honour you all.

PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. These messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.

Thank you for understanding.

Love and Light 


Mother Mary asks us to look past our differences to see we are all the same on the inside.

Greetings dearest one, I Am Mother Mary, Divine Mother of The Cosmos carer and nurturer of all my children.

Dear ones, I would like to talk today about differences. I see many of you are still noticing the differences between you and others that you come across throughout your day. You may come across someone and you see them as being rather large in stature compared to yourself or you may see someone and think that they are not very attractive, that their clothes are worn or they need new shoes. There are countless points to make here but that is not why I Am bringing this forth, because I do not want you to take note of these differences, quite the contrary children. I want you to release these differences. Yes, you are individuals living in a world of duality and separation, but that is rapidly changing now as my Tsunami grows bigger and stronger by the day. What I want you to start training yourself to do children, just as the one bringing this message forth does, I want you to train yourself to alter your thoughts whenever you notice yourself having one of these judgements or picking out something that is different to yourself on another. You are all my beloved children, you are all made from the same substance, the same energy, so I want you to start to see that in others, not what’s different about them. Like this one typing tries so hard to do and he will tell you, it takes a lot of training and paying attention to your thoughts, but I want you to try beloveds. I want you to monitor your thoughts and whenever you feel one coming into your mind that says “oh isn’t her hair messy” or “geez his shoes are old and worn, yuck” let go of that thought and replace it with “I acknowledge the love and light within this person, I Am him/her and she/he is me” please do this work with diligence my dear ones, as the more of you that start to control your thoughts in these types of situations the quicker you will shift your reality from one that judges people by how they appear, to one that accepts everyone how they are and the love and light that is within them, just as it is within you. I Am your Mother Mary and I Am here to nurture and guide you through these finals stages of a mammoth task. I love you dearly children, so please call upon me when times get tough and I will be there in an instant to wrap my motherly arms around you and nurture you when ever you call.

PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. These messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.

Thank you for understanding.

Love and Light 


A CHRISTmas Message from Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

Greetings dear Earth Children, I Am Mary Magdalene and I Am here with my beloved Yeshua. This dear one has asked us to bring forth a collaborative message to take you into the festive season.

So what we first have to say to you all is, that it is not about whether Yeshua was born on this day or that day, it is about the vibration this time of year carries for the majority of you. Yes, there are those that are in despair and suffering, but know that it is through your love and compassion that will shine a light on those doing it hard. Yes, if you can it would be great of you to do a good deed for someone in need or to lend a helping hand here and there, but know that you do not need to give gifts to make people happy, although that is what society has been conditioned to believe.

You have been taught to buy buy buy at this time of year and what does that do? It keeps you focused in the material aspect of life on Earth, it keeps you in the consumer mindset. It’s time to change that dear hearts, as that is not part of where we are heading. And yes I say “we” as we are all part of this journey, we are all part of this shift, this evouloution of Self, of Gaia.

And so what we say to you during this festive time, is to shift the focus from material goods to sharing that which is within, which is always there and most importantly which doesn’t cost a thing! What is this we speak of? It is love, it is compassion and it is hope for a better world, a better place for all.

So we would like to share a little invocation for you to focus on during the holidays. On your altar or whatever space you have in your house or work place that you consider special or sacred, we ask that you place a candle there, now write on a piece of paper or on what ever you like, “I dedicate this candle and the light it provides to illuminating all darkness on and within the planet, I ask that the light from this candle may provide the light to those in need or suffering. I ask that if they so choose to accept the light, that their Being may be illuminated by it. May the light of this candle spread across the world. And so it is.” now place this piece of paper under or infront of your candle or how ever you would like to set it up on your altar . Now, as often as you can, read this either aloud or silently and then light the candle while holding the intention of what we have just said. With your pure intention and the collective intention, the difference this can make to anothers life is more than any material item could.

I would like to finish off by saying, if you do feel the need to gift your family or friends things, give them something with meaning and that is from a place of love. Game stations, dvds or any of those type of gifts hold little to no value, but a gift that is from the heart and that also has meaning to the giver holds more value than any of these things. Make someone a nice artwork or if you don’t find yourself to be too artistic gift them a beautiful picture or a crystal that holds love and light, something that is of value to the heart and not based in materialism or ego. Our Yeshua would like to finish this message off.

Greetings beloved Earth children, children of God. It is I Yeshua, I greet you today with open arms and love in my heart. I will be brief as Mary has said it all. But I would like to just conclude by saying, be in love, be in light and have compassion for those doing it tough. You do not help the situation by falling in to a state of fear or worry about those doing it hard, instead be in a state of love, acceptance and compassion for those and it will make more difference than worrying or fretting about those in need, that only adds to the turmoil they are already in. Love, compassion and acceptance dear ones, walk with that through your festive season, don’t focus on what is wrong with the world, focus on what is right and where you are headed, focus on the love within yourself and within all people, see all as glowing beacons of light and love. Your are all children of God, of the One, what ever you wish to call the Source of Creation, it matters not. The love and light is what matters. Be it, live it and love all. Just as we love you. We bid you farewell now, but know we are always here, just a whisper away. Peace be with you all.

PLEASE NOTE: All channelled messages remain the property of the author. The messages may be shared as long as they are not edited in any way and a link to the original post is shared with the message.

Thank you for understanding.

Love and Light 


Be Love in all that you face.

Thank you for finding your way here.

If you have been guided to this Blog then you may share a similar purpose as myself and that is a search for truth, a deeper understanding of this game called life and a quest for wisdom as to who we are at the core of our BEing. 

I do not claim to have the answers or that I can provide the solution’s to all of life’s problems. But what I can do is share the inspiration, love and wisdom that I AM able to bring forth through channelled messages from the Light BEings that surround us all. 

It is up to each individual who come’s here to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. I only share what I bring forth from the various Guides, Masters and Star BEings I work with and do not force it upon anyone seeking a greater understanding. 

I hope that through this Blog and the messages We share that they are able to help and inspire anyone who seeks. 

Love and Light 


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton